Color Palette

Priority usage:
• Dovecot blue is used for the “Dovecot roofs“ as well as for the modifier “AN OX COMPANY“ on any background. Exception: The logo is used monochrome (in white negative or positive black).
• Dovecot dark blue is used for backgrounds, such as the bar on the website

Color Palette (.ase)
Dovecot blue

RGB 75-155-215
# 4b9bd7
CMYK 70-20-0-0
Pantone 2925

Notice: not identical with any OX blue

Dovecot dark blue

RGB 5-45-75
# 052d4b
CMYK 100-80-40-40
Pantone 533

Notice: identical with OX dark blue


RGB 0-0-0-0
# 000000
CMYK 0-0-0-100
Pantone Process black


RGB 255-255-255
# ffffff
CMYK 0-0-0-0

OX Family Badges

With the OX family badges you can make a real statement. As a starburst in your communication. On websites, brochures, in presentations or everything else that communicates. You can also use it to produce real lapel pins.

You have the choice. Square or round. Which of the two badges you use depends on the intended use. The round version with the inclined position suits best as a starburst. And the square version fits very well on the backside of a brochure or on the ending slide of a presentation.

Be creative, but we would really appreciate it if you leave it like that. Thank you.

Badge package (.zip)