We are the brand:
brand champions

Building a strong brand is not rocket science!

It has been said that a brand is not what you say it is, rather: what they say it is. A brand is more than just a logo or a name: it is a gut feeling.

The OX Brand Styleguide serves as a resource for working with the OX brand, supporting how our partners, colleagues and media accurately present the OX visual and stylistic elements. It is always here and up-to-date providing the tools to professionally communicate our mission through online and offline presentation of our identity, our values and our people.

Where we stand

Positioning is a decisive activity that is often overlooked. In fact, it‘s so incredibly important that when done well, positioning can serve as the cornerstone for almost every marketing direction a brand makes and customer traction experienced. Literally, it is the place in our customers' minds we occupy.

Which values does the OX brand embody?

+ ruthlessly open (accessible, expansive, no hierarchy)
+ transparent (approachable, powerful, open source)
+ freedom (not locked in, a sharing philosophy)
+ flexible (customizable product; agile business models for partners)
+ individual (German engineered, confident; not typical vendor engagement)
+ real (humorous, authentic, honest, e.g. ‘the good guys’)
+ alternative (to status quo; to lack of choice on the internet)

Or to say it in a sentence: Take a look on the right side.

OX is the only company to offer open and customizable, cloud-based products which enable service providers to offer their customers scalable, self-branded services – via customer engagement platform – that integrates everyday digital life interactions.