Building a strong brand
is not rocket science!

It has been said that the crown jewel of any business communication is its brand. And a brand is more than a logo. The OX symbol mark is mirror of what a company represents. The Open-Xchange new corporate design represents our entire corporation. It is the single most important element in our visual identity and it appears in every Open-Xchange communication. The principles which will help you use the OX symbol mark correctly and consistently are summarized in the following pages.

How would you feel
if we changed 
your identity?

Our Logo.

Beware: This logo has an attitude. It is proud, it needs space and hates to be altered. But most importantly it wants to be treated with respect.

When going into world as a strong brand it is important to stress our new look. It is our identity and supports us by every step that we take to strengthen our company. It shows what we are worth. And it communicates our quality rating which is the reason that we ask you to really make use of it – within these guidlines.

Why is the logo so important?

  • It is the anchor of a company.
  • It makes us unique.
  • It is the face of our company.
  • It serves as an identification.
  • It contributes to and drives success.



Don’t be a Comic Sans criminal. We have a better option.

Our Font

Comic Sans, Times New Roman or Tahoma? Nah. Why be like everybody else? We are Open-Xchange. Therefore, we use Open Sans – in this Stylebook, in presentations, in our software and on our website.

Building a strong brand does not only work by respecting logo guidelines. It only succeeds when all features are in tune in every bit and piece that leaves the company. That’s why it is so important to stick to core font since it contributes heavily to the Open-Xchange appearance.

And don’t worry, this does not mean that we are dead boring. The contrary, depending on what is written at which point – the look of Open Sans will be adapted. Or more precisely: It must be adapted.


  • Use Open Sans only.
  • Never ever use Comic Sans.
  • Don’t make a complete headline bold. Only a few words. Italic is used for quotes and captions.
  • Font color is only OX Black or white. Just hyperlinks or CTA‘s can be written in OX Blue.

We don’t have to be blue-blooded to create our own Blue.

Our Color

Authentically OX. And to show this, we like to do it color. It has been especially designed for our needs and is one in a million. And by making use of it wisely, we shine exactly where it is required.

While our OX Blue is the primary color it is also possible to use our secondary colors: the dark blue and grey. Text is always in black. And pink is our highlight color. But remember: Less is more.


The background is the ground that backs it up.

First impressions are crucial: A single word, a picture or a color can decide it all. By using our OX Blue as a background color in 70% of communication media, the first impression most certainly wont fail. Don’t worry though, overuse is no danger as grey and black pattern are also allowed.

Why so Blue?

Blue triggers a lot of associations that we stand for such as dynamic, royalty, competence but also serenity. Italic is used for quotes and captions.

Drawing the big picture means speaking in the right images.

Our Visual Style

Four different types of visuals and one single goal: OX Images deliver confidence – in you, in the product and in the company itself.


People are what makes OX a strong brand. That’s why people need you be put in the perfect light. No cropping, no back- ground noises, pictured in a full frontal and not from any sideway angle.

Product Visuals

OX Products have no packaging. They are intangible but still visible. And to make them shine, they deserve to be put in the most up-to-date setting, the newest technolo- gy and within a frame.

Key Visuals

They are unique, they speak for themselves and appear on an OX Blue background: Key Visuals are especially developed for events or an overall message that will turn into an iconic visual.


Words are powerful but in combination with a visual

the message is even stronger. The images used for that are called “photocons”. They support a statement visually and are designed as followed: they are photorealistic illustrations; they are isolated images and ideally

always put on the OX Blue. Even photographs are put in a Polaroid frame so that they become photocons.

Get the word out!
But not just any word.

About Open-Xchange 

Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells integrated tools for the app and mobile-economy that enable full collaboration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Built for the cloud, the OX flagship product, OX App Suite connects business and personal worlds seamlessly, across devices and legacy systems. Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local internet services companies—OX App Suite gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate the way they want.

Open-Xchange AG is a privately-held company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Olpe, Germany, San Jose, and Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY. For more information, visit

Our Wording

Open-Xchange has an attitude. Not in a bad way but rather in a unique, subliminal funny, hang loose, Rockstar way. This is just the way we communicate on an image level in order to draw attention, for example at a trade fair, marketing materials, in print or on t-shirts and other communication tools.

We believe in order to make a point, you must be clear. Keep it short.

It’s not the size that counts. It’s the message.


A partnership is based on mutual give and take. And for this, we have guidelines on how to cobrand. Or if you want to give it to a partner, feel free to download it as many times as you want. There are two sizes, so you have the choice – and if you need something else, just let us know.

But please: Pay us some respect. Do not change shape. Do not change the words not the color.

Call it square!

Yes, our “powered by” logo has a squared format and is framed. Because it deserves to be framed and we would really appreciate it if you leave it like that. Thank you.